Fate Grand Order FGO Ereshkigal Cosplay Wig (31.5 Inches)

  • $27.99

Material: High-Temperature Resistant Fiber.

Package includes: wig.

Attention: Cleaning the wig (and cap) every 2 weeks if you use it everyday, and clean it every 15 times you wear it.

Comb wig: Please use wig nursing liquid and comb to comb wig after use. When the wig becomes dry, messy, or hair curls are not noticeable, spray the liquid to the whole wig twice or three times. Especially you should spray it around hair tip 8-12 inches from the tip, comb and finish hairstyle softly from hair tip.

Clean wig: Put a little shampoo in the water, stir until bubbles; soak wig in water for 1-2 minutes; press and clean by hand gentlely; rinse thoroughly with water.<br>

Dry wig: Avoid direct sunlight after cleaning. Air to 70% dry in ventilated place, spray wig nursing liquid and comb wig softly by steel comb. And then place it in somewhere ventilated to dry naturally.